ThinKom Solutions, Inc. – Global Connectivity

ThinKom, established in 2000, is focused on enabling our customers to provide Global Connectivity through our innovative and cutting edge antennas. Our current antenna offerings operate in the X, K, Ka and Q frequency bands and we continue to expand our library of antenna offerings.

Our patented VICTS and CTS technologies are incorporated in our extremely low profile antennas, ideally suited for commercial aircraft, military vehicles and other applications in which low drag and/or low probability of detection are key advantages. In addition to being low profile, the efficiency of our apertures result in operating costs significantly below what is possible with other low profile antennas offered in the marketplace.

ThinKom’s technologies have created antenna designs which enable our customers to provide Global Connectivity though cost effective solutions for their specific markets. Please contact us and let us help you create the best possible connectivity solution for your specific application.


ThinKom Solutions, Inc. supports Global Connectivity with our cutting edge antennas – serving the following Markets

    • Commercial Air Transport
    • Ground Mobile
    • Man Portable
    • Point-to-Point communications