Welcome to our video mini-series called ‘TEK Talks’ focused on Technology, Education, and Knowledge, featuring Aviation Technology Journalist, Seth Miller, interviewing ThinKom CTO, Bill Milroy.  Over the course of five total episodes, they engage in a lively conversation while providing an objective discussion on a broad range of hot topics in the world of satellite communications, no matter how complex or even controversial.  These range from Ku-band versus Ka-band, to the pro’s and con’s of low-profile phased arrays, to total cost of ownership (just to name a few) across various sectors from commercial in-flight connectivity to military use.  Step through them in order, jump around, or binge watch.  However you like to consume your media, we hope you find these videos insightful and educational, or at the very least, humorous.

Content Layout
Episode 1: Phased-Array Options
Episode 2: Battle of the Bands
Episode 3: Bandwidth
Episode 4: Low-Profile Antennas
Episode 5: Total Cost of Ownership (coming soon)


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