LEO and MEO User Terminals

LEO and MEO User Terminals

Satellite Broadband User Terminals

For upcoming non-GEO constellations, our engineers are working closely with industry leaders developing consumer and enterprise terminals—for Ka and Ku bands—with all the cost and performance efficiencies of our aero products to bring low-latency satellite broadband to any rooftop, rig or tower.

Seamless Handoffs

rapid beam agility for seamless satellite handoffs with zero impact on users

Scalable and Efficient

maximizing spectral efficiency and delivering high throughput to a range of consumer and enterprise applications using Ku- and Ka-band satellite broadband services

Lightweight and Compact

Delivering the same performance at a fraction of the size of traditional parabolic dishes, ThinKom user terminals are designed to minimize wind resistance and obstructions.

Multiple sizes will be available to accommodate specific user requirements and afford flexible installation options. Below are examples of what we’re developing for a few non-GEO operators.


Patented Technology

Our LEO and MEO user terminals are being engineered with the same patented technology that gives thousands of daily airline passengers fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Combining the advantages of mechanically steered and electronically scanned arrays, our antennas avoid the limitations of both and are in a class by themselves. 

Simply put, our technology enables extreme performance efficiency in a compact package, delivering higher throughput at lower bandwidth costs than other phased arrays in any form factor.

phased-array and flat-panel form factors


Configuration Options

Our antenna designs are very adaptable to different frequencies, throughput and other network requirements. To learn more, please contact us to explore how we can adapt our designs to meet your specifications.

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