10 Ways Gogo’s 2Ku is Going to Change In-Flight Internet

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Gogo recently posted an article on their website enumerating the ten ways that their 2Ku, using ThinKom’s ThinAir® Falcon-Ku3030, is bringing revolutionary best-in-class in-flight internet speeds to aircraft across the globe.  Our SATCOM antenna, based on VICTS technology, is able to do this with a extremely low loss, high gain aperture in an ultra-low-profile form factor.  If you want to learn more, a more technical discussion about the 2Ku can be found in the following white paper.


Without further ado, the ten ways Gogo’s 2Ku is going to change in-flight internet are…(drumroll please)…

  1. Lower radome means less fuel used
  2. More satellites
  3. Future-proof
  4. Low Earth Orbit constellations
  5. Groundbreaking satellite modem
  6. Fastest selling in-flight system
  7. Ready for live streaming television
  8. Global coverage from gate to gate.
  9. Open architecture
  10. Unrivaled spectral efficiency


Read the full article on Gogo’s concourse for more detail on each of these topics.

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