Payload Phased-Array Antennas
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ThinKom VICTS Exploded ViewThinKom VICTS Exploded ViewThinKom VICTS Exploded ViewThinKom Space Antenna

Key Advantages

  • Low Power Consumption

    Phased-array beam steering uses less than 10 W, perfect for smallsats and microsats

  • Lightweight

    The low-mass antennas reduce launch costs

  • Highly Efficient

    The most efficient phased array, offering higher throughput than alternatives

  • Customizable

    ThinKom can tailor the design to meet specific customer requirements

  • Compact

    A tight form factor that easily fits within small cavities


ThinKom Intersatellite Links

Intersatellite Links

The compact, high-frequency antennas serve as rugged intersatellite links.

With broader beamdwidth and higher efficiency, they offer similar data rates to optical terminals but with more reliable connections.
ThinKom Earth Observation

Small Satellites

Small LEO satellites can benefit from reduced power consumtion, simple kinematics and high throughputs that VICTS antennas offer.
ThinKom Geo Communications Satellite

GEO Communications Satellites

VICTS antennas serve as ideal feeder links for GEO satellites.

The passive RF consumes little power, while remaining easily reconfigurable to different ground stations.
ThinKom Space Vehicles Antenna

Space Vehicles

Because of their rugged construction and high performance, VICTS antennas are an ideal solution for space vehicles.

They can even operate beneath heat shields.

Patented Technology

Our payload phased-array antennas are engineered with the same patented VICTS technology that gives thousands of daily airline passengers fast, reliable Wi-Fi.

Simply put, VICTS enables extreme performance efficiency in a compact package, delivering higher throughput at lower bandwidth costs than other phased arrays in any form factor.
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Spec Ranges

The core VICTS technology employs lightweight platters to steer the beam and control polarization. These low-profile payload antennas are less than 3″ in height and can be sized to meet gain requirements from X to W bands. ThinKom is a leading phased array antenna OEM and has purpose built these antennas to survive the rigors of space.
Aperture Sizes
6 to 30 inches
Frequency Bands
X to W bands
Linear or switchable Cp
Instantaneous Bandwidth
250 MHz to 2 GHz
Power Consumption
10 to 25 W

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