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ThinKom’s VICTS technology has been the benchmark in inflight connectivity starting with its first flight in 2015.
Since then, our core technology has enabled the most demanding users moving around and above the planet to most efficiently utilize the satellite networks of their choice.​

Advantages for Every Application​

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    Low Profile/Drag​

    As low as 5”

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    Rapid Beam Agility


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    High Instantaneous Bandwidth​

    >500 MHz

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    Low Sidelobes

    <20 dB

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    Low Power Consumption​

    <350 W total

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    Extremely Reliable​

    >50,000 hour MTBF​

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    Low Elevation Performance

    >80° scan

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    High Aperture Efficiency​

    >3 bits/Hz

How it Works​

VICTS antennas employ layers of lightweight platters that rotate  a center axis to steer the beam and control polarization. ​​Each of these layers is completely passive, significantly reducing the power draw and increasing the antenna efficiency.​​

This motion is all contained within the antenna, so it's extremely reliable and you see no moving parts.​​

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