Modular Design for Unlimited Scalability​

Key Advantages

Dynamic Multi-Beam Performance

The number of beams can easily scale to meet rapidly evolving requirements. Anything from a single antenna module to the array’s entire combined signal can be utilized.


Seamless Make-before-Break Handoffs

Utilizing gain-matching software helps to avoid erratic jumps, ensuring a steady signal to the modem and smooth transitions between satellites.


Fast and Agile Beam Switching

Each antenna module can scan through the full sky in under 2 seconds. This speed allows it to keep pace with even hardest-to-track targets, and to quickly acquire the next one.


More Performance with Less Real Estate

Because of blockage issues and interference, legacy parabolic dishes require significantly more real estate…

... for the equivalent operation of a single ThinWave® array

Technology Overview

Each array is configured with at least one digital beamformer. As the brains of the entire system, it digitally combines the signals from multiple antenna modules to form any number of beams.

ThinKom beamformer antenns
Notes and Determining Design Factors
S- thru E-band
TT&C, communications, Earth observation, any combination
No. of Modules
G/T, EIRP, number of beams/satellite tracks, redundancy
No. of Beamformers
Typically, 1 beamformer per 8 to 16 modules
Ratio of Tx to Rx Modules
Downlink/uplink data rates
Configuration / Layout
Optimized for pointing angles, satellite orbits, number of passes, contact time, wind loading and more
ThinKom VICTS antenna


Gateway arrays are built upon ThinKom’s patented, proven VICTS technology and its longstanding record of reliability, including continuous service on commercial aircraft since 2015 and on tactical vehicles since 2006. ​

ThinKom Ebook

Gateway Arrays: A New Paradigm for Ground Stations to Keep Place

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Configuration Options

Available in S- through E-band frequencies, ThinKom gateway arrays are configured to customer-specific network, SWaP and performance requirements. To learn more, please contact us to discuss yours.

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