Portable Satcom Antennas

Connectivity with No Boundaries

With the ultra-portable, flat-panel ThinPack antenna, users in the field can stream video, make calls and take high-speed satcom anywhere cellular networks don’t exist or aren’t viable.
ThinPack by ThinSat
ThinPack backpack by ThinKom

Key Advantages

  • Compatible with wide-beam and HTS Ku and Ka-band services​

  • High spectral efficiency (up to 2 bits/Hz)

  • Network and Modem agnostic​

  • Lightweight and compact​

  • No assembly required​

ThinPack by ThinKom

Patented CTS

The ThinPack family of products is based on our patented Continuous Transverse Stub (CTS) technology. CTS uses principles to VICTS to create a highly efficient flat panel antenna.​

Other Configurations

Not seeing the exact configuration to meet your requirements? Contact us to learn more about additional antenna solutions for X, Ku, Ka, Q, E, W, and other bands.

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