A New Auto-Acquisition MicroVSAT From ThinKom + AQYR

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ThinKom_microVSAT[SatNews] ThinKom Solutions, Inc. is partnering with AQYR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Windmill International, Inc., to support the joint development of a turnkey micro-VSAT terminal.

This terminal will be the satellite industry’s smallest, lightest, and most rapidly deployable and packable auto-acquisition terminal on the market, covering Ka-band military and commercial frequencies.

Combining the best practices of ThinKom and AQYR now brings to the market the smallest and lightest form factor for a Ka auto-acquisition terminal, also increasing spectral efficiency while still meeting the power spectral density requirements (such as FCC 25.222, 25.138, 25.209, MIL-STD-164B, ITU KA1, etc.) without spreading or the need for a waiver for use over existing and new high-throughput commercial or government satellites.

ThinKom Solutions, Inc. products enable near-term worldwide availability of affordable high data rate connectivity for the consumer, enterprise and public sector organizations including military, intelligence, civilian and public safety communities and are deployed in land, air and sea applications.  AQYR and its parent company, Windmill International, Inc., are defense industry leaders in program management, engineering, training, technology and software development for innovative, tactical systems at competitive prices.

The original article was posted on SatNews.

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