About Us

ThinKom Solutions manufactures low-profile antennas engineered expressly for high-speed connectivity in the most harsh, remote and mobile environments.

On a fuselage, in a backpack or mounted on a vehicle, our antennas enable satellite service providers to deliver reliable broadband to millions of users, while minimizing OpEx and maximizing efficiencies across the board.

Company a glance …

  • Based in Hawthorne, California
  • 75,000 sq. ft. manufacturing/testing facility
  • Privately held
  • 130+ employees
  • AS9100D certified
  • FAA Part 145 Repair Station

Two Decades of Innovation

Company founded


First major US govt. contract awarded for airborne antenna (K/Q-band)


First phased-array antenna vehicle installation

ThinKom vehichle antenna 2006

Awarded US Army contract for ThinSat® (X, Ka bands)


Awarded Spanish Military Emergency Unit contract for multiple X-band antennas


First deliveries of tactical, compact Ku- and X-band antennas (ThinPack®)

ThinPack 2009

First low-profile antenna proven for high-speed Ka-band and EHF communications on a US military wide-body aircraft

(press release) 2011

First delivery of ThinSat 300

Roof top antenna 2011

Patented VICTS technology selected by Gogo for inflight connectivity

Gogo selects ThinKom VICTS 2013

Aeromexico becomes first commercial airline to adopt Ku3030

Aeromexico ThinKom Ku3030 2014

Delta Air Lines selects Ku3030 antenna for over 250 aircraft installs

delta-airlines 2015

APEX Best Achievement in Technology awarded to Gogo 2Ku

APEX 2015

ThinPacks incorporated into man-portable terminals by leading integrators

ThinPack 2016

Delta Airlines increases Ku-band installation commitment to 600 aircraft

Delta Airlines Wi-Fi 2016

Ka-band antenna (ThinAir Ka2517) completes DO-160 FAA qualification


Alaska Airlines selects Ku3030 for their entire fleet

Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi 2017

Ka2517 becomes the first aero antenna to track a MEO satellite (SES O3b)

ThinKom MEO 2018

Successful Ka-band on-air tests with Telesat LEO1

ThinKom Telesat LEO1 2019

ThinKom successfully completes first-ever in-flight roaming tests on SES's GEO and O3b MEO satellites

ThinKom SES MEO GEO test 2019

ThinKom Develops Prototype for Next-Gen NGSO Satellite User Terminals

ThinKom User Terminal 2020

ThinKom wins Satellite Technology of the Year (2019) for innovative gateway solution

ThinKom Satellite Technology of the Year 2020

What sets us apart?

Our patented VICTS technology combines the advantages of mechanically steered and electronically scanned arrays – while avoiding their limitations. It’s the best of both worlds.

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