Airborne Satcom Antennas

High Performance Pole to Pole

for every flight path on the globe

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High Throughput

supporting data rates up to 800 Mbps downlink x 200 Mbps uplink
with spectral efficiency up to 4 bits/Hz

Low Profile

minimizing aerodynamic drag and fuel costs with a radome height of just 7.8″


High Reliability

a contact-free drive system with minimal active components for consistent,
high availability over the long term

Low Prime Power

enabling gate-to-gate operation

Low Prime Power

enabling gate-to-gate operation

Connecting Millions

since our first flights in 2015, we’ve accrued over 37 million hours of bringing unrivaled inflight connectivity to millions of passengers

Chosen by GoGo

and over 20 commercial airlines (and growing) to bring unrivaled inflight connectivity and entertainment to millions of passengers daily

Air Products

<h3>Ka-Band (Regional Jets)</h3><h4>ThinAir Ka1717</h4>

Ka-Band (Regional Jets)

ThinAir Ka1717

  • G/T: 15 dB/K peak
  • EIRP: 50.5 dBW
  • Tx band: 27.5 to 31 GHz
  • Rx band: 17.7 to 21.2 GHz

Ka1717 Datasheet

<h3>Ku-Band</h3><h4>ThinAir Ku3030</h4>


ThinAir Ku3030

  • G/T: 18.5 dB/K peak
  • EIRP (Psat): 57 dBW peak at broadside
  • Tx band: 13.75 to 14.5 GHz
  • Rx band: 10.70 to 12.75 GHz

Ku3030 Datasheet

<h3>Ka-Band</h3><h4>ThinAir Ka2517</h4>


ThinAir Ka2517

  • G/T: 18.5 dB/K peak
  • EIRP (Psat): 55.5 dBW peak
  • Tx band: 27.5 to 31 GHz
  • Rx band: 17.7 to 21.2 GHz

Ka2517 Datasheet

Comparing Technologies?

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What Sets Us Apart

Our patented VICTS technology combines the advantages of mechanically steered and electronically scanned arrays – while avoiding their limitations. It’s the best of both worlds.


DO-160 qualified   |   FCC ESAA grant   |   FAA Certified – Part 145 Repair Station

FAA STC list growing     |   After market and line fit

Other Configurations

Not seeing the exact configuration to meet your requirements?
Contact us to learn more about additional antenna solutions for X, Ku, Ka, Q and other bands.

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