Why Airlines are Speaking Directly to Hardware IFC Suppliers

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RGN: Why Airlines are Speaking Directly to Hardware IFC Suppliers

Our CTO Bill Milroy is featured in a recent Runway Girl Network article that explores how “airlines are educating themselves about inflight connectivity hardware and not solely relying on service providers and integrators for that education.”  A few excerpts:

‘At a minimum,’ says ThinKom Solutions chief technology officer Bill Milroy, ‘on the stuff that they’re going to put on their aircraft for 10-plus years, they [airlines] want to do their due diligence.’ That’s why the antenna maker is having more direct talks with airlines including at the big annual #PaxEx shows – the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg and the APEX Expo, which will return to Los Angeles this year.

Delta is among the carriers pleased with ThinKom’s technology, says Milroy. ‘So we’re building up on that, and we think there may actually be these conversations that we just sort of fantasized about before, where maybe the airlines are going to service providers and saying, ‘we really like that ThinKom antenna, how can we have that antenna work with your service.’

Read the full article here.

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