Establishing a High Throughput Heterogeneous Network 24/7 in Remote Areas

 In ThinSat


ThinKom characterized capability and quality of service for on‐the‐move SATCOM off‐road network capability of the ThinSat®300 Satellite‐on‐the‐Move (SOTM) system at a recent Joint Interagency Field Exploration (JIFX) demonstration.  The 4” Phased Array Satellite Antenna, with minimal visual profile, has been proven to support operation in a number of challenging government applications.  Forward Field‐Ops and ISR conditions were simulated in a variety of terrain within Camp Roberts, while transmitting real-time video feedback by external camera and videoconferencing equipment.  The test site had poorly maintained paved roads, dirt roads (flat and highly corrugated), unimproved roads (rocks larger than 4” diameter), and open prairie grassland.

The Ad-Hoc Experiment demonstrated the following achievements:

  1. A mutli-comms (terrestrial + satellite) network, composed of LTE, Mesh Network nodes (Parallel Wireless), TV Whitespace omni-antennas (Carlson Wireless), a stationary SATCOM link (IP Access), and a Mobile SATCOM link (ThinKom, with satellite network by IP Access).  Video conferencing was demonstrated across the heterogeneous ad-hoc network.
  2. A Mobile LTE node (Parallel Wireless) within the ThinKom SOTM vehicle, allowing for a mobile hotspot with SATCOM backhaul connectivity to the internet.
  3. Characterize ThinSAT300’s Low-Observable signal and Anti-Jam capability with JVAB.

The full case study can be found here: ThinKom JIFX Case Study


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