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Via Satellite Webcasts

March 17, 2021

ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy breaks down the specific “needs” and “wants” across the various satellite phased-array antenna markets…and reveal how ThinKom is “walking the talk” in meeting those demands, TODAY…and tomorrow.

Key design considerations (and trends) relating to profile, power/cooling, efficiency, reliability, scan range, frequency coverage, GSO/NGSO interoperability, and regulatory compliance will be discussed in detail. Applications including Fixed, Mobile, and Aeronautical User Terminals (UT) across Consumer, Enterprise, and Government markets will be described, together with Gateway and Satellite Payload antenna examples.

Via Satellite Webcasts

Sept. 29, 2020

ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy explores how the satellite communications industry stands at the threshold of a major transformation, as new frequency bands open and new lower-orbiting satellite constellations are populated over the next few years. The impact will be felt across all market segments: aeronautical, maritime, land-mobile and enterprise/consumer – not to mention gateway and teleport infrastructure. Learn more and watch at the link below after registering. 

Ground Segment: Transformational Antennas II – Will terminals realise the promised LEO Connectivity Revolution?

August 13, 2020

With four other industry experts, ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy participated as a webinar panelist on the second in a series about transformational antennas hosted by Global VSAT Forum. Among other topics, they explored how the latest antenna technologies can help users realize the full potential of LEO and MEO constellations. Learn more and watch at the link below.

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