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With constellations in non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) growing at an astounding pace, disruptive technology is needed to deliver dramatic improvements in ground station performance and scalability. This dynamic webinar will explore how phased arrays bring unlimited options with multi-beam, multi-orbit performance to today’s burgeoning networks.

The webinar panel includes:

  • Bill Milroy: CTO and Co-Founder, ThinKom
  • Eric Liu: Director of Business Development, ThinKom
  • John Heskett: CTO, Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT)

How does LEO complement GEO and vice versa? What is the best IFC setup for airlines in the future?
ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy, Panelist

Feb. 28, 9:30-10:45 am

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Unlocking the Potential of Electronically Steered Antennas
ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy, Panelist

Tuesday March 19, 2:45-3:30 pm (Room 146C)

On this panel, Bill and his esteemed colleagues will be discussing how access to reliable, affordable and secure broadband connectivity has become an essential requirement in our daily lives, whether you’re a passenger on a cross-country flight or a warfighter moving through a hostile environment. However, the broad adoption of ESA antenna technology has been slower than expected.

During this session, ground systems developers will share technological insights on how to unlock the full-potential of ESA-based satellite communications and accelerate adoption. Speakers will also outline the lessons they’ve learned throughout the ESA development process as this technology matures and begins to proliferate throughout the market.

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Previous Events and On-Demand Webinars

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The Future of Air Travel: Harnessing the Power of LEO, MEO, GEO, and ATG Connectivity
ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy, Panelist

Thursday Sept 21, 1:30-2:30 pm

At this connectivity breakout session, Bill will join esteemed colleagues from Panasonic and Telesat to explore the convergence of satellite and ground connectivity. This convergence signifies a new era of seamless communication, enhanced operational efficiency, and unprecedented passenger experience. However, the journey towards this connectivity convergence is not without its challenges. It requires strategic planning, technological advancements, and overcoming potential obstacles.

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Satellite Terminals in LEO: Developments and Key Metrics for Success
ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy, Panelist
Fri. May 12, 11:15 am

There will be more satellite terminals than ever before, and in turn, more entry points into a system than we have ever seen. The building of these terminals will take place more rapidly and flood the market. How is the technology in these terminals progressing? Will satellite networks become more vulnerable?

Panel: OEM Linefits and Terminal Integration and the Benefits to the Airlines 
March 21, 2023 (11:45 am- 12:30 pm)

Our chairman and CTO Bill Milroy is a panelist at APEX Tech.

The world’s largest OEMs are pursuing new paths and new programs to streamline their business processes. This panel will discuss the factors involved in bringing these projects to fruition and the value of open ecosystems to the airlines. The panel will discuss what it will mean to have greater interoperability and how it may affect the inflight experience.

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Catch our founder and CTO speaking on two panels:

Connecting in-demand satellite service to cars, trains, transportation fleets, and other moving vehicles requires applicable “low profile” or “flat panel” antennas that are unobstructive and can securely mount while meeting clearance regulations. Historically, customers requiring these antennas have had to make performance trade-offs depending on the form factor. Are antenna developers at the point where they can offer these systems without sacrificing connectivity speed for the customer? Learn about the latest developments in conformal antennas that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is achievable inside the limitations of physics.

Antenna manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money in drastically broadening the capabilities of their products to connect to satellites in multiple orbits over a wide range of bandwidth. During this session, antenna developers will share what they’ve learned throughout their quest to defy the limitations of physics and how understanding those limits helped them focus their product development strategies around customer needs. The discussion will also highlight important ground segment design considerations of multi orbit / multi-frequency modems, amplifiers and the intricate smart control systems required to make these next-generation systems work in space and on the ground.

U.S. Army Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) 9: Capability Sets 25, 27
Dec. 7-8, 2022 (Nashville, TN)

We’re attending this event (not exhibiting). If you’d like to connect with us, please let us know a few time/date options by emailing us here:

During this workshop on 11/28, as a member of DIFI Consortium, we’ll be discussing our paradigm-shifting gateway solution for the ground segment to keep pace with the proliferation of new LEO satellites and networks.

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We’re attending (not exhibiting) this annual event hosted by the Association of Old Crows. It is “the leading event for electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations professionals from around the world.”

If you’d like to connect with us in D.C., please let us know a few time/date options by emailing us here:

We’re attending this event (not exhibiting). If you’d like to connect with us, please let us know a few time/date options by emailing us here:

ThinKom’s CTO and Chairman Bill Milroy will be a panelist discussing “US Government Funded Innovations” at this event as they kick off Silicon Valley Space Week. The event focuses on how innovative technologies are influencing the way satellite products are envisioned, designed, sourced, produced, assembled, sold, and consumed. Panelists will review highlights of what the government has funded in space over the past year.

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In person after a two-year hiatus!

ThinKom SATELLITE 2022

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Back in person for the satellite industry’s premier event!

Be sure to mark your calendar for this panel with our chairman and CTO and esteemed industry colleagues.

Topic Description: “To realize all of their ambitious plans, the new entrants in the small satellite market need viable ground systems. Being viable means much more than cheaper and smaller – they also have to outperform the existing options and fit more seamlessly into networks. This session will focus on those who have taken up the extraordinary challenge of designing cutting-edge ground systems, antennas, and terminals for today’s powerful small satellite networks.”

Smallsat Symposium

At this in-person event in Mountain View, Calif., our CTO and Chairman Bill Milroy will join panelists exploring how satellite ground equipment is adapting to all the burgeoning connectivity possibilities – from higher frequencies, lower latency, higher throughput, and gain.

SatcomVision Digital

CTO and Chairman Bill Milroy will speaking on the panel “Ground Station Technology for LEO, MEO, and GEO” with Satixfy, Isotropic, Intellian and Hughes Network Systems.

CTO and Chairman Bill Milroy will be speaking  and providing an “Emerging Technology Brief” on phased array antennas.

It was great to be back in person at this premier industry event! Jeffrey Hill, event chair and Via Satellite editor, caught up with his “go-to expert on grounds systems technology,” ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy:

At SATELLITE, our CTO moderated an informative discussion detailing the latest R&D work on new satellite transmission protocols, focusing on bandwidth optimization and efficiency and performance when connecting to virtualized and WAN networks. Speakers will also provide an overview of the latest science on VHTS and ultra-high frequency bandwidths, as well as new encoding and decoding capabilities from space.

Access this now through the event’s Digital Encore program.

During IMS’s virtual workshop “Satellite Systems: A Top-Down Review of Satellites, Space Communication and Hardware,” our CTO Bill Milroy provided a general overview of the GSO- and NGSO-based SatCom terminal markets, including relevant requirements and challenges (bandwidth, beam agility/flexibility, gain and power efficiency, reliability, scan coverage, size/profile, and cost).

Watch the video below where he discusses specific commercial and government X, Ku, and Ka terminal examples, for aeronautical, mobile, and fixed user and gateway applications.

Via Satellite Webcasts

March 17, 2021

ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy breaks down the specific “needs” and “wants” across the various satellite phased-array antenna markets…and reveal how ThinKom is “walking the talk” in meeting those demands, TODAY…and tomorrow.

Key design considerations (and trends) relating to profile, power/cooling, efficiency, reliability, scan range, frequency coverage, GSO/NGSO interoperability, and regulatory compliance will be discussed in detail. Applications including Fixed, Mobile, and Aeronautical User Terminals (UT) across Consumer, Enterprise, and Government markets will be described, together with Gateway and Satellite Payload antenna examples.

Via Satellite Webcasts

Sept. 29, 2020

ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy explores how the satellite communications industry stands at the threshold of a major transformation, as new frequency bands open and new lower-orbiting satellite constellations are populated over the next few years. The impact will be felt across all market segments: aeronautical, maritime, land-mobile and enterprise/consumer – not to mention gateway and teleport infrastructure. Learn more and watch at the link below after registering. 

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