Gogo 2Ku Tested Over London

 In In the News, ThinAir

The proof - a speed test showing more than 10Mbps to the aircraft.

ThinKom gets a nod in a recent article published in Get Connected detailing the successes of several journalists’ flight on Gogo’s “Jimmy Ray” B737 over London. Download speeds were over 10 Mbps as “the journalists tried to break the system with more than 40 devices connected at once, even though there were fewer than 10 on board, using up more than nine gigabytes in total during the flight! During the test flight web browsing was snappy and reliable. Streaming of YouTube material was also reasonable with some buffering at times. The journalists were also shown Gogo’s IPTV service and this delivered the BBC World News and OneWorld Sports seamlessly with no buffering.”

Certification for 2Ku on Virgin Atlantic is expected this quarter while “Gogo is also hoping that American Airlines will opt for 2Ku to replace its ATG solution.”

Much more is expected to be revealed at the 2016 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Read the full article at Get Connected.

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