Gogo 2Ku White Paper Highlights ThinKom’s VICTS Technology

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Below is a excerpt from a white paper written by Bruce R. Elbert of Application Technology Strategy, L.L.C. – “Aeronautical Broadband for Commercial Aviation: Evaluating the 2Ku Solution”:

Broadband Internet service is now available on many commercial flights across North America and throughout the globe. It draws heavily from the terrestrial wireless industry as well as the established resources of some of the largest satellite providers who have been in business for 30 years of more. Familiar names like Boeing and Panasonic along with less-familiar specialists like ViaSat and Gogo have entered this particular field and “WiFi in the Sky” is a fait accompli. Gogo has selected a technology solution called 2Ku that is exclusively available to Gogo from its developer, ThinKom.


From an operational perspective, 2Ku is favored in achieving the objectives of aeronautical broadband service in commercial aviation:

  • Highest gain/efficiency over current state-of-the-art antennas
  • Immune to skew angle phenomenon experienced during flight periods
  • Compatible with existing Ku band satellites as well as the new generation of High Throughput Satellites now being launched
  • Economical, rugged design Draft This Document Contains Gogo and ThinKom Proprietary Information Page 1
  • Low profile for least fuel/range/payload penalty
  • Few moving parts = higher reliability = least maintenance/repair expenses over life of product
  • Inherently superior performance in terms of satellite transmission and data throughput means that it does not need to be replaced to evolve with continuous performance improvements in the future

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