Gogo Completing One Install Per Day

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Gogo’s install rate continues to ramp up!


A recent article on Runway Girl Network states:

“Pacing to reach its stated goal of equipping up to 100 aircraft with 2Ku inflight connectivity by the end of the year, Gogo feels confident about the robustness of its supply chain.

‘We are comfortable with the supply chain, and we’ve given guidance that we’re able to do about one [2Ku install] per day today so that’s 365 per year and we have a path to 750-plus,’ says Gogo CEO Michael Small.

To date, the company is boasting ‘over 70 aircraft installed’ with 2Ku. Delta Air Lines represents the bulk of the fitted aircraft, as well as the bulk of Gogo’s overall 2Ku orders.

Existing vendors – including ThinKom for the 2Ku antennae and other hardware providers – are supporting the fast-paced install program as expected, and Gogo intends to ‘work to further solidify and improve it’, Small tells RGN.”

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