Intelsat to Delta: We Can Support Free Inflight Internet Model

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RGN: Why Airlines are Speaking Directly to Hardware IFC Suppliers

Below are a few excerpts from Runway Girl Network’s Sept 27th article on Intelsat’s firm support of Delta’s plan to offer free inflight Internet, leveraging ThinKom’s Ku terminal and putting “serious wind in the sails of the global Ku IFC value proposition.”

Intelsat praises Ku3030

The ThinKom Solutions-made Falcon Ku3030 terminal … factored into Intelsat’s decision to acquire the commercial aviation unit [of Gogo].

‘It is very, very efficient, I think the most efficient terminal in inflight connectivity today in terms of its ability to transfer megahertz into Mbps into useable throughput for an airline and so we like the terminal a lot.’
– Mark Rasmussen, Sr. VP, Mobility at Intelsat

Read the full article here.

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