A Debriefing With Bill Milroy

 In In the News, MILSATCOM

In MilsatMagazine’s June 2021 issue, the editor interviews our chairman and CTO where he answers the following questions:

Tell us a little more about the pilot program with General Dynamics for the U.S. Army armored brigades.

Would you please summarize what you see as the current and near-term military requirements for COTM SATCOM antennas?

Looking further into the future, what are the requirements that will govern next- generation COTM SATCOM for military applications in terms of form-factor and performance characteristics?

Do you foresee a requirement for flat panels mounted under the skin of the vehicle?

You mentioned Protected Comms earlier. How will this affect SATCOM COTM antenna requirements?

Do you foresee a requirement for multi- frequency antennas?

We read and hear a lot these days about electronic scanned arrays (ESAs). What are their advantages and limitations for the COTM battlefield environment?

How does VICTS differ from ESAs?

Read his answers in the full article, A Debriefing with Bill Milroy.

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