We value open relationships with our suppliers. Our customers, shareholders and employees expect the highest quality and service in every aspect of our business. We maintain that same standard for our suppliers and believe quality, service and cost advantages are best achieved when we work collaboratively toward common goals.

We work together with our suppliers to maintain product quality and technical performance. Our suppliers must demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

All suppliers are subject to our purchasing terms and conditions, as detailed in the following PDFs:

Q4000-ThinKom Purchase Order Quality Provisions

Q4003-ThinKom Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Q4032-Supplement A to ThinKom Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Q4033-Supplement B to ThinKom Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Q4189-Supplier Subcontract Flowdown

Q4191-Supplier Subcontract Flowdown

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