ThinKom Sees Ka Antenna as Uniquely Positioned to Meet New WRC Rules

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Below are a few excerpts from Runway Girl Network’s recent article on ThinKom’s compliance with new WRC-19 and ITU rules related to interference among and between terrestrial and satellite networks.

ThinKom sees its Ka aero antenna hardware as uniquely positioned to operate under the new paradigm, as the radiating aperture for its VICTS/phased array antenna is recessed into a metal shielded housing and always crown-mounted, so it is flat and hidden from the horizon as well as areas below the horizon. In short, there are no direct paths (from the horizon or the ground) to ThinKom’s Ka2517-branded antenna [shown below].

ThinKom's crown-mounted Ka2517 antenna

‘Our VICTS phased-array technology ensures full compliance with ITU Article 22 by eliminating elevated sidelobes when operating on NGSOs, thereby protecting against interference in the GSO plane.’ – ThinKom chairman and CTO Bill Milroy.

Read the full article here.

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