ThinKom Ka Aero Antenna to Integrate on Telesat Lightspeed LEO Network

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ThinKom Ka aero antenna to integrate on Telesat Lightspeed LEO network

Below are a few excerpts from Runway Girl Network’s August 3rd article announcing our teaming agreement with Telesat to integrate our Ka-band aero antennas with their new LEO broadband network, Lightspeed.

‘The market has now recognized the fact that LEO is the future of satellite connectivity because definitely you can solve for high speeds [with GEO] but without solving for latency or dense hot spots…,” said Vinnakota [Telesat’s director, product and commercial]. ‘So, it’s not a question of LEO versus GEO anymore, it’s a question of — how do we make sure LEO is part of the solution? How do I get to a solution with LEO without sacrificing my investment today?’

ThinKom’s ability to interoperate between LEO and GEO satellites (or indeed MEO/GEO) makes it both attractive and somewhat future-proofed, said Vinnakota, ‘and plays well into what airlines are thinking’ — that is to manage more of the inflight connectivity themselves.

‘It will be straightforward and inexpensive for an airline to modify any of these installed GEO-only Ka2517 antenna systems to interoperate with the Telesat Lightspeed LEO satellite constellation and existing GEO networks,’ the two firms stated, intriguingly, in a press release.

Read the full article here.

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