SatMagazine Conversation with CTO Bill Milroy: Latest Trends in Phased Arrays

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SatMagazine Conversation with ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy

For their June edition, SatMagazine had a conversation with our CTO Bill Milroy to discuss the latest trends and developments in phased-array antennas. Here are just a few of the questions Bill answered:

We hear a lot these days about electronically steered arrays (ESAs) and mechanically steered arrays (MSAs). Where do your products fit in?

As Ka-band satellites proliferate, how will this affect your company’s product strategies?

Let’s shift the conversation to talk about the proliferation of LEO and MEO satellite constellations that are coming into play. How do your VICTS antennas perform in that environment? Will you need to develop an ESA product to compete in the LEO and MEO world?

Read Bill’s answers to these questions and more in the full interview.

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