Teleports for LEOs: ThinKom’s Innovative Antenna Solution

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Teleports for LEOs: ThinKom Satellite Mobility World Sept 2019

Alan Gottlieb, editor of Satellite Mobility World, recently sat down with our CTO, Bill Milroy, to discuss the “promising alternative” we’ve developed to address upcoming challenges LEO satellite operators face when it comes to teleports. Below are a few excerpts:

The coming of LEOs will usher in a whole new set of challenges for teleport operators. Unlike GEO constellations, LEO constellations and, in particular, those without inter-satellite links, will potentially require thousands of tracking dishes positioned around the globe.

Already proven in aero applications, ThinKom has developed a way to apply the unique attributes of the antenna in a teleport.

SMW: Can a single array like the one you propose service multiple satellites?
Bill Milroy: Absolutely. Our array of VICTS antennas is fully re-configurable, on-the-fly, resulting in an extremely versatile and flexible multi-beam installation.

It’s modular. Each 1.0 meter diameter sub-array constituent element is lightweight, transportable, freight elevator friendly and can be fitted into place by two people — even on top of a building.

Read the full article on Satellite Mobility World (starting on p. 25).

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