ThinKom and CarlisleIT Plan 2023 Flight Tests for RJ Satcom Antenna

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ThinKom Ka aero antenna to integrate on Telesat Lightspeed LEO network

Below are a few excerpts from Runway Girl Network’s June 10th article announcing our collaboration with CarlisleIT to bring high-speed inflight connectivity to regional fleets.

The lead market for Ka1717 is the RJ market but the system — which can operate gate-to-gate — is also being positioned as an effective solution for some business jet types, given its spectral efficiency, beam agility, and multi-orbit capabilities among other factors.

‘We are launching with a focus on regionals as we believe this is an underserved market from a high bandwidth connectivity standpoint but application on other airframes would only be limited by the connectivity service level required and impact to aircraft operational performance,’ says Rawley [CarlisleIT product line manager, aircraft connectivity solutions].

He [Bill Milroy, ThinKom CTO] reckons that Ka1717 will be ‘a key enabler to contracting with airlines to a very high service level agreement.’

Read the full article here.

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