ThinKom Enters Yacht Market

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ThinKom is offering its ultra-low-profile mechanical phased arrays for the yacht and superyacht market. In full-rate production for the airborne in-flight entertainment and connectivity market, bringing the same capability to the seas is a simple adaptation.

“These ultra low-profile and efficient antennas are now available for the first time in the yacht market that can be embedded beneath the skin of the vessel with a custom radome to match the aesthetic design of the vessel, eliminating the need for large, heavy, stabilized dish antennas. MTN will work with owners and designers to customize the flat-panel solution to match the vision and aesthetics of the owners without compromising performance.”

The full article can be found at Satnews Daily.

Learn more about the benefits of flat-panel antenna technology and “Thinking Different” by viewing the the ThinSat Ku3030 brochure.

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