ThinKom in Talks with Gogo over Phased-array Antenna Arrangement

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Excerpts below are from Runway Girl Network’s May 16th article, “ThinKom in talks with Gogo over phased-array antenna arrangement.”

The ‘point’ here is that our particular VICTS phased-array technology is fully capable to efficiently operate and roam in a new GSO+NGSO world, and for both ‘Ku’ and ‘Ka’ constellations,” noted Milroy [ThinKom chairman and CTO]

Gogo’s [CEO] Thorne also revealed during the call that the Chicago-based company has developed the ability to cost-effectively convert a 2Ku antenna into a ‘2Ka antenna,’ giving it flexibility to use the Ka-band spectrum in the future ‘if for some reason Ka ends up being a preferred band.’

Read the full article here.

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