ThinKom Looks to Replace Dish Farms

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Via Satellite: ThinKom Looks to Replace Dish Farms

Below are a few excerpts from a recent ViaSatellite article, ThinKom Looks to Replace Dish Farms (8/15/19), and Q&A with ThinKom CTO Bill Milroy:

ThinKom is offering a way for people to replace big, expensive dish farms. The company recently revealed its new Multi-Beam Phased-Array Gateway solution, which is described as an “array of arrays” — and provides an alternative to the large ‘antenna farms’ of parabolic dishes currently used for support of Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites.

In advance of the announcement, Via Satellite sat down with Milroy last month to chat about the latest developments in the antenna segment.

Milroy: ‘Rather than [smaller] or [higher-performing] per se, the antenna challenge is, and always has been, to get the highest possible performance (highest possible data throughput utilizing a given satellite/constellation resource) in the smallest possible footprint (antenna area).’

Read the full article and interview at ViaSatellite.

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