ThinKom’s Advanced Satellite Communications-on-the-Move System, ThinSat® 300, with Broadcast-Solutions Specialty Vehicles Prove Successful High HDTV Transmissions

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ThinKom Solutions’ ultra-low-profile and highly efficient antenna supports broadcast quality broadband voice, data and video applications for ‘in-motion’ and ‘stationary’ Satellite News Gathering (SNG) transmission.


Broadcast-Solutions Mobile Surveillance Solution with ThinSat®300. Photos courtesy of Broadcast-Solutions.

ThinKom Solutions, Inc. announced that the ultra-low-profile ThinSAT® 300 antenna, which provides global Ku-band Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) connectivity, has been successfully proven in Broadcast-Solutions GmbH´s latest Mobile Surveillance Solution. The specialty vehicles, equipped with ThinKom’s ThinSat300 antenna, has up to 12 video channels with 24 hour recording in HD quality with full duplex communications achieving transmit rates in excess of 12 Mbps. The core of the system is the new ROS (Reality Observation Server) from Broadcast Solutions which is combining the latest multichannel video recording and storage with unprecedented ease of use. This application further confirms that small, ultra-low-profile ThinSAT ® 300 antenna system can support high quality, high definition SNG applications on commercial Ku-band satellite networks for urgent news reports and surveillance applications, while on-the-move or on-the-halt.

The ThinSAT® 300 is a Ku-band COTM system based on the patented Variable Inclination Continuous Transverse Stub (VICTS) phased array antenna technology. Measuring 12 cm (4.5 inches) high by 150 cm (60 inches) long, the product is capable of providing data rates up to 12Mbps with an externally mounted HPA,SSPA or TWTA for cost efficient bandwidth usage in SCPC and TDMA modulation configurations that are link budget contingent. Supporting HD capable transmission and bidirectional link to headquarters or broadcast center for video transfer, these specialty vehicles provide interactive response and greater accessibility while in the most remote of environments.

“We are excited to see these specialty applications with the ThinSat300 for high definition and high bandwidth applications with Broadcast Solutions and it’s customers.”
CEO, ThinKom

“Our Specialty is to combine the best from both Broadcast and Satcom technologies, and by combining the ROS server, the latest in video and lens technologies with ThinKom’s ThinSat®300 the result and is a great leap in performance, changing the perception of what is possible for the mobile surveillance and security sector. It has been met with great acceptance and will be a game changer in the marketplace.”
Peter Jakobsson
Director of Business Development, Broadcast-Solutions

Broadcast-Solutions GmbH. is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing system integrators. Widely known for its quality and technical abilities in the field of Outside Broadcast and SNG vehicles. The company now expands into the sector of mobile surveillance and security. For more information about Broadcast-Solutions GmbH please visit or email Peter Jakobsson at

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