ThinKom’s Advanced Satellite Communications-on-the-Move System, Thinsat® 300, with HDAVS’s EPK Emergency News Reporting SNG Vehicles Proven Successful for CCTV

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ThinKom Solutions’ ultra-low-profile and highly efficient antenna supports broadcast quality broadband voice, data and video applications for ‘in-motion’ and ‘stationary’ Satellite News Gathering (SNG) transmission.

ThinKom Solutions, Inc. today announced that the ultra-low-profile ThinSAT® 300 antenna, which provides global Ku-band Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) connectivity, has been successfully proven in SNG & Broadcast Production applications with HDAVS’s EPK Emergency News Reporting SNG Vehicle. The EPK vehicle, equipped with ThinKom’s ThinSat300 antenna was able to transmit at rates in excess of 8 Mbps while maintaining speeds in excess of 140 kmph (85 mph). This demonstration proves that small ultra-low-profile antenna systems can support high quality, high definition SNG applications on commercial Ku-band satellite networks for urgent news reports, while on-the-move.

hdavs HDAVS’s DT-FJ2012 with ThinSat®300. Photo courtesy of HDAVS.

The ThinSAT® 300 is a Ku-band COTM system based on the patented Variable Inclination Continuous Transverse Stub (VICTS) phased array antenna technology. Measuring 4.5 inches (12 cm) high by 60 inches (150 cm) long the product is capable of providing data rates up to 8Mbps for cost efficient bandwidth usage in SCPC and TDMA modulation configurations. Supporting HD capable transmission, the EPK SNG Broadcast Vehicle takes fast responding and interactive news to greater accessibility while in the remotest of environments for urgent news reports.

“We are excited to see these new integrated SNG approaches with HDAVS and it’s customers with the ThinSat300 as it greatly enhances the satellite news gathering and broadcast community’s quick response capability.”
CEO, ThinKom

“Our EPK Specialty Emergency and Rapid Response SNG Broadcast vehicle with our unified broadcast and editing platforms integrated with ThinKom’s ThinSat®300 has greatly enhanced our capability and offering of robust & interactive content and capability solutions to our key customers, such as CCTV.”
Wu Huisen
President, HDAVS

HDAVS is a division of CRE Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. that specializes in software and hardware development design, video production, and broadcast television products & solutions for domestic and foreign film and television production & broadcasting. For more information about HDAVS, please visit or email Mrs. Haruka Go at

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