Future-Proof Your Satcom Antenna Technology

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ThinKom’s ThinAir® VICTS technology enables LEO/MEO/GEO interoperability so you’re already prepared for future generations of satellite constellations with mature, proven technology that is available today. Check out the video below to see how you can future-proof your satcom antenna technology.

Video Transcript

Whether instant messaging at 30,000 feet, capturing moments out at sea, or on a critical mission anywhere, we all expect connectivity to keep pace with our every move. Satellite operators continue to rocket ahead with new constellations and high-throughput services to blanket the Earth. But how do you harness all this new bandwidth and maximize efficiency?

Today, multiple antennas are needed to access satellites in multiple orbits piling up costs and complexities. There’s one exception: ThinKom. With the world’s only satellite antenna that supports all orbits and is available today all in a sleek, low profile. With proven reliability having already supported millions of users cross-orbit compatibility and proven performance, ThinKom will future-proof your system like no other. Keep pace with your customers and outpace your competition with ThinKom.

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