ThinKom’s First Commercial Adoption of Ka-band Antenna: SaudiGulf Airlines

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GDC Technics and SaudiGulf Airlines (SGA) recently announced a partnership to launch next-gen IFE and Ka-band connectivity services (“Falcon 300”), powered by ThinKom phased arrays. Marking the first commercial adoption of our Ka2517 antenna, this win comes on the heels of GDC’s Ka-band service announcement in September.

Excerpts from both of their announcements are below:

The cornerstone of the Ka offering is ThinKom’s Ka2517, which was selected for its versatility, efficiency, reliability, and peak performance.

The Falcon 300 connectivity suite provides a solid backbone for the in-flight media experience. The system has demonstrated performance in excess of 300Mbps and the agility to support GEO, MEO, and LEO service provisioning.

‘SGA is redefining the airline and the passenger experience with a keen focus on new ways passengers can use the internet and media services. In this regard, GDC Technics is proud to introduce its CUBE IFE solution and Falcon 300 connectivity system, which offers the airline customer unmatched performance and entertainment features … ” – Brad Foreman, GDC Technics CEO

‘SaudiGulf Airlines is partnering with GDC Technics in order to offer unmatched capability in the world, by providing the most advanced, cutting-edge technology in airborne connectivity…’ – Mr. Abdalmalik Al-Qahtani, SGA Board member.

Find more details on both GDC Technics’ announcements: SaudiGulf Airlines and their new Falcon 300 Ka-band service.

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